The future of the 3D technique applied to dentistry is to directly print personalized prostheses with special printers. In this way, the need to create intermediate models will be avoided, obtaining the final ones instantly and without previous steps. At the moment, there is already talk of 4D technology applied to implantology and dentistry. It is a new step in the development of this type of technique, which allows the extraction of teeth and replace them with others in a single intervention, considerably reducing the recovery time of the patient and substantially increasing the safety of the patient. The fundamental difference with the immediate loading system is that the latter allows fixation of the prosthesis 24 or 48 hours after implant placement. Therefore, 4D technology adds a fourth dimension to the world of dental implantology: the time factor. It seems inevitable, the immediate future of implants passes through 3D printers, digital scanners, milling machines, virtual designs of dental pieces, immediate replacement of them, brief and painless interventions and, ultimately, by the arrival of more personal, clean smiles. , healthy and radiant.


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