It is a precision and high-tech tool that uses the energy of laser light as the main source in various treatments. It acts in a similar way to an LED, with the difference that the type of light emitted by its semiconductors is laser. It has a longer wavelength than other types of lasers, specifically 808 nm. The light beam generated by this device is directed to a specific part of the body to achieve very different effects. This energy has properties that, when interacting with the irradiated tissue, achieve therapeutic effects. In its beginnings, it was mainly intended for applications in rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine. Nowadays, it has also started to be used as part of dental treatments due to its multitude of applications.


The applications of this technology in Dentistry are increasing. And it is recommended for patients of all ages and in most oral problems. Its use is only discouraged in treatments where high tissue bleeding is expected. Next, we review the procedures with the best results when using the diode laser. For example, it excels in treating soft tissue problems. These diseases, such as peri-implantitis and periodontitis, have a very positive response to this device. Implant surgeries, gum stain removal, gingivectomies or frenectomies, recovery of fiber injuries, etc., are just some of the occasions in which the diode laser can be applied. It is even recommended to improve situations of tooth or TMJ sensitivity, and also for a better result in teeth whitening.


Guarantees a faster recovery and with fewer side effects in all of them, even much less painful, since it rarely requires stitches. It reduces bleeding during an intervention and sterilizes the area that is intervened. It has an analgesic effect on the tissue being treated and also requires less anesthesia prior to the intervention. Without a doubt, a very useful technology that should be further developed in the coming years.



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